Data, Analytics & ML

Deploy Data, Analytics & Machine Learning to grow revenue, increase customer satisfaction and improve business efficiencies

Haystream helps companies make better decisions by leveraging Data, Analytics & Machine Learning. Our work encompasses the following areas

  • Data Strategy & Data Management. This includes
    • Data Governance
    • Data Quality Management
    • Metadata Management
    • Reference and Master Data Management
    • Enterprise Content Management
    • Big Data Technology Design and Implementation

  • Unstructured & Structured Data. Our professionals have worked with both structured and unstructured data related to
    • Customers, products, transactions,
    • Social media data e.g. Twitter and Facebook
    • Web Clickstream and log data
    • Document repositories.
    • Telemetry data from IOT devices

  • Analytics & Machine Learning. Our leaders and team members work across the entire spectrum of Data Analytics including Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive and Prescriptive. Our team of battle-hardened analytics professionals have deployed analytics successfully for Global 2000 companies in many industries including financial services, insurance, retail and healthcare, and over a wide range of functional areas including marketing, credit risk, fraud and operations. More specifically, we have expertise in
    • Customer Analytics – Customer Segmentation, Customer Acquisition, Customer Engagement/Retention
    • Sales & Marketing Analytics – Lead Scoring, Next Best Action
    • Procurement Analytics – Payment Terms Analysis, Cash Flow Optimization
    • Deep Learning – Image Classification, OCR
    • Model Management – Model Governance and Model Monitoring

  • Big Data Technology
    • Big Data Technology Design & Implementation
    • Big Data Analytics Platforms
    • Data Ingestion/Data Transformation
    • Data Lakes
    • NoSQL Databases