Develop and execute a business focused cloud and migration strategy

Organizations of all sizes around the world are rapidly moving their workloads to the cloud. As the 3 main cloud providers – Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google GCP add and enhance their services, developing a cloud migration and management strategy that optimizes your ROI is more important.
Consider these questions
• Which applications should be moved to the cloud and which ones should remain on-prem (or on premises)?
• Should your organization use the public cloud, a private cloud or a hybrid cloud?
• What should your data governance strategy be for the cloud?
• What DevOps tools and processes should you use to maximize velocity and agility?
• How do you ensure the right level of security for your cloud resources?
• How do you manage your cloud resources to optimize costs?
Haystream can work with you to develop a cloud migration strategy and deploy talent and tools to execute it. Find out how!