AI-driven automation makes manual operations obsolete

The financial industry changes faster than any other, and the operations built to capitalize on the rapid change don’t always get the advantage of forethought, preparation, and full investment needed be most effective – from a cost or margin optimization view. Do your operations suffer from:
  • limited technology investment?
  • redundancy for control and oversight?
  • too many spreadsheets and other end-user computing on desktops?
  • an inability to devote the extra time needed to pursue more effective and efficient processing?
  • ways to quantify the value of process re-engineering and automation?
Haystream expertly brings about transition. For example, you can have similar results from a process re-design and automation approach that:
  • Reduced process participation of 20 staff, across 5 departments to 1.5 staff within one department,
  • Reduced process lag days by 75%,
  • Eliminated the many redundant controls that had the team recalculating and validating multiple data sets in dozens of spreadsheets, and
  • Provided a single dashboard that shows the new automated process’ results with access to the proof of results for fiduciary sign-off.
Please contact us to find out how, or read our case study.