Unlock the value hidden in your business operations

Ideally you will seamlessly inter-connect database-driven applications and systems to power your business; all transactions and data transformations will be automated, logged and governed machine learning delivered controls; data exchange will be via APIs ; and reports will be quickly created with clean, trusted and linked data.
In the actual world though, this situation is as real as a unicorn.
Evolving business needs, competitive pressure, regulatory scrutiny, incompatible and sub-par technology solutions or any number of reasons, you were forced to create manual processes and desktop applications to manage operations. Think about your spreadsheets, shadow databases, plug-ins and other productivity tools that reside outside this automated ecosystem. You are probably deploying layers of staff and redundancies as controls to assure accuracy.
Haystream specializes in identifying opportunities to remove waste caused by disjointed manual processes
We harness scientific approaches and proven frameworks to re-engineer and optimize your manual processes making them suitable for automation and extracting hidden business value. Our Artificial Intelligence platform applies various machine learning algorithms to intelligently convert data, policies and rules into high-value outcomes all without the need of human intervention. The machine learning algorithms are always learning in the background so that any human intervention required to resolve conflicts reinforces and improves the performance for continued intelligent decision-making in future instances.
Request a demo of our solution, and find out how we distilled 50+ manual processes that seemed were dependent on human knowledge into one simplified and highly optimized process, that when combined with our machine learning algorithms is powering the organizational output by freeing up resources to focus on other high value aspirations, and save millions of dollars by automating their operations.