Capital Markets firms are applying AI, ML, NLP to greatly enhance analysis of large sets of data, evolve algorithms to process transactional data faster and combine data in new ways to discover trends and transform customer experiences. Consistently.

Capital Markets firms operate on extensive implementations of electronic, digital, computational, and connective technologies, generating and managing huge volumes of data on a daily basis. Capital Markets firms must deploy Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to automate trading processes and to process market data for powerful insights and intelligent decision-making. Leveraging custom-designed algorithms to create recommendations for clients to hold or trade-in various asset classes.

The Journey:

Haystream will help you leverage new and modern technologies to apply cognitive capabilities for intelligent operations automation. We help you run AI-based experiments in a variety of capital market operational processes to promote self-learning, improve decision-making, reduce trade fails, and helping you deliver outstanding client-experiences by providing curated real-time information and hyper-personalization.

The Strategy:

Haystream enables Capital Markets clients redefine processes and data, innovate to create new products and services to find profitable new revenue streams as spreads continue to tighten. We will help you

  • Use AI, ML and NLP to ingest a wide variety of data such as trade blotters, incoming spreadsheets with data and formulae, legal documents, trade confirmations, emails with attachments, or the need to login to a portal to pull down reports for processing unstructured, multi-formatted data through ingestion, extraction and consumption.

  • The transition from Libor is a laborious, time and effort consuming, and largely manual process that extracts usable data from a wide variety of sources, which has to be cleansed and normalized before it can be consumed by downstream systems. Haystream will help you apply true AI and ML to execute implementations and experiments that yield superior business results.

  • Intelligent Operations Automation: Automate departmental-wide operations to reduce costs by over 70% by making the entire process straight-through, with minimal need for human touch and intervention.

  • Trades Processing: We have used powerful AI algorithms to analyze millions of transactions over multiple years, and used pattern-matching to identify failure trends using AI, saving millions of dollars each year, while reducing operational, credit and market risk, and preventing fines for poor execution.

  • Cloud Strategy and Migration: With Haystream, you can save up to 70% by modernizing your technical infrastructure, through deployment of a secure, private or on-premise cloud.

  • Trading Automation: Haystream will help you leverage AI to automate trades and price dynamically to yield higher returns. At the same time, with our expertise, you can also experiment with algorithmic trading platforms that use big data and complex mathematical formulas to help your investors maximize returns on their investment portfolios.

Capital Markets

The pandemic highlighted many novel challenges for Capital Markets firms and Investment Banks. There are extensive opportunities for digitization that include, stronger data management and application of AI and analytics, migration to a secure cloud-based infrastructure, and automation of processes across the entire life cycle of trading operations. The elimination of spreadsheet-driven reconciliation and other processes, automatic and seamless ingestion of structured and unstructured data feeds, and using advanced analytics to manage risk, and drive customer relationships and profitability, are emerging as major priorities for digital transformation.