Managing the furious pace of change and the amount of information needed to keep pace is a struggle for us all. While there is no substitute for diligent learning, Haystream offers SmartBites, which strive to provide readers with a framework to understand, at an overview level, complex topics in a quick 5 minute read, and plan their own journey to master aspects that are most relevant or interesting to them.

Automating PPP Loan Forgiveness

U.S. Banks will soon face a tsunami of PPP Loan Forgiveness applications. Here is a smart solution that uses Ai and Machine Learning to reduce processing times and costs by over 75%.

Automating Commercial Lending

Banks will significantly reduce loan cycle time and costs per loan by automating the loan booking and servicing processes. This is even more so applicable during the current pandemic situation, and the need to process PPP Forgiveness Applications.

Insight: Loan Processing Acceleration During Lockdown

Since the pandemic started, banking systems have been under tremendous pressure to scale up their operations while their staff is forced to work remotely. Despite the challenges, this is a time for banks to shine and establish competitive advantage. Download this SmartBite to find out what you can do now to add operational capacity immediately, and win in the long term.

Insight: Libor Transition

LIBOR Transition is coming, and it is time to start planning for this change. Libor is imbedded in interbank deals, securities contracts and retail products. Changes to ARR will affect returns from existing positions, product pricing and client or street relations. There are many factors to consider before choosing the right approach for you, including how AI, Data Analytics, and related technologies can help in this significant undertaking. Please download this SmartBite to learn more.

Insight: Regional Banking Digital Transformation

Change is coming fast for regional banks as many factors converge and significantly challenge regional banks, including
  • Expectations for a new customer experience, wealth transition from Baby Boomers to Millennials and a younger, more mobile demographic
  • Increased business risk and ongoing regulations pressure margins, reducing market value
  • New technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI)*, Machine Learning (ML)*, Natural Language Processing (NLP)*, Mobile Banking, Analytics and Cloud* are enabling non-traditional competitors to disrupt banking, and facilitate a shift towards Open Banking
Download this SmartBite to learn how any one of 4 transformation opportunities can help your bank navigate these shifting sands, without blowing your budget and adding business risk.