Migrating numerous large workloads from legacy infrastructure to cloud requires careful planning. With Haystream, you can maximize the benefits of cloud computing with migration tied to higher-level business goals.


CIOs and information leaders embarking on a Cloud Migration initiative should ask themselves key questions

  • What are the organizations higher-level business goals and objectives?

  • Does your organization have the talent, bandwidth, and focus to create a strategy, plan, and execute a cloud migration?

  • What is the ROI and key capabilities and when will we achieve them?

  • Do we understand the risks and challenges?

  • What sort of governance, expert teams, external experts are needed to make this happen?

Haystream helps CIOs and information leaders develop a roadmap for cloud adoption, architect designs, strategize the move to cloud, build and execute a cloud policy for migration standards, secure the cloud architecture, maintain and support based on critical business needs.

The Journey:

Haystream offers a smart ‘Cloud Migration Approach’ in multiple stages aligning IT with key business goals.

Key stages include:

  • Alignment of key objectives – what are the business drivers vs. IT goals, migration policies for application types and readiness, key priorities, application modernization strategy, data and metrics needed.

  • Develop a migration plan – Analysis across departments, applications in use that are a good fit for migration. Type of cloud and the best provider based on the IT landscape, security and specific architecture needed.

The Strategy:

With Haystream, you will

  • Execute with the right level of preparedness – This includes identifying and segmenting application workloads for migration, executing policy, managing the workflow, and deploying for performance.

  • Implement Robust Processes – For governance, risk mitigation, continuous monitoring through analytics, security etc.

  • Optimize, evolve and scale – Existing vs. new deployments, iterations to ensure high customer satisfaction, continuous scaling of the process and ROI analysis.

Cloud Migration

Haystream will help you implement a private, public, or hybrid cloud environment including on-prem, single and multi-cloud, and migrate and modernize your applications and data securely. Our cloud architects and engineers have deep experience in building and deploying cloud-native or cloud-agnostic capabilities using Microsoft Azure, Amazon’s AWS and Google Cloud.