Analytics has become a game changer for businesses, helping them find new opportunities for top-line growth, improve the bottom-line, and gain competitive advantage. Globally, businesses are mastering the application of insights and analytics on large volumes of previously dormant data from many different sources using technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Data and Analytics driven decision making requires a comprehensive data and analytics strategy, and companies that do it well are steadily taking leadership positions in their sectors. The ability to harness and consume large amounts of data, and applying advanced analytics is enabling businesses in all industry sectors eliminate critical friction points and innovate. Here are some of the ways industry leaders are changing the game:

  • Retailers are applying behavioral analytics and predictive models to create hyper-personal and relevant shopping experiences, deepen customer relationships, predict their needs, and offer the right incentives to accelerate purchase decisions. Analytics drive better, dynamic,and real-time pricing and discounting, demand forecasting, inventory management, sales targeting, business performance metrics.

  • Financial Services companies are applying advanced analytics in a variety of areas including Credit Risk Management, Operational Risk (e.g., to reduce “fails”), Securities and Asset Pricing and Trading, developing Customer 360 models to manage top-line and bottom-line metrics, and predict customer attrition.

  • Healthcare companies are using wearable trackers to provide real-time insights to physicians, treatment and care facilities, and patients to collaborate and create better treatment paths and health outcomes.

  • Manufacturers are able to perform Predictive and Prescriptive Maintenance by combining IOT Analytics with AI for autonomous operations.

  • Broad-based cross-vertical applications that use technologies such as intelligent Chatbots and AI assistants that can anticipate and predict customers’ needs, increase sales opportunities, and reduce customer service times resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

The Journey:

Haystream helps you leverage analytics through data science experiments, application of AI, ML, and NLP technologies by focusing on the specific challenges and outcomes that matter to you. Haystream will

  • Create a roadmap for moving from descriptive and diagnostic to predictive and finally to prescriptive analytics.

  • Identify and implement the right Data Visualization platforms such as Microsoft’s Power BI, Tableau, ThoughtSpot in combination with data modernization platforms such Snowflake, Data Bricks, Qubole, Dataiku.

  • Master Analytics Model Deployment and Management, Machine Learning Operations (ML Ops).

The Strategy:

Haystream will develop the capabilities that will enable you to analyze large amounts of data to

  • Help your business achieve predictive analytics capabilities by using the right strategies and platforms to extract powerful insights from data from all relevant sources.

  • Apply AI and ML algorithms to optimize and uncover new statistical patterns that are the basis of predictive analytics.

  • Ensure predictive analytics outcome is aligned with your business goals before finalizing AI and machine learning experiments.

  • Apply prescriptive maintenance by combining IOT Analytics with AI for autonomous operations.

Insights and Analytics

We will help you develop capabilities to derive business value from your data through prescriptive and predictive analytics. Our experts can help ingest, process, transform, and curate data using ML and adaptive intelligence.